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Butterfly & Rain Gardens in Arnold, MD

Providence Center’s horticulture program not only offers the people we support a chance to gain independence while making a difference in their own lives, but it also gives you the opportunity to enhance your home while making a difference in the community. The gifts you purchase and landscaping services you schedule with Providence Center contribute to a greater cause and help your yard become the best it can be!

To schedule your services with Providence Center horticulture program today, give us a call at 410-766-2212 ext. 432 or email Nathan Ullrich at nullrich@providencecenter.com!

Butterfly & Rain Gardens in Arnold, MD

Butterfly Garden Services in Anne Arundel County

Butterfly gardens can add natural beauty to your yard and bring joy to anyone who enters your home. In addition to adding color and bringing life to your landscape, butterfly gardens also help the environment; the caterpillars and butterflies that inhabit them benefit from these gardens, too! Butterflies, which are a member of the pollinator population—which also includes bees, moths, birds, bats, etc.—are crucial for plant reproduction. Unfortunately, as more and more plant habitats are destroyed, butterflies and other pollinators lose their homes. This creates a vicious cycle that causes plants and pollinators to die off.

Thankfully, you are able help give pollinators a home and enable them to play their important role in plant reproduction in your own backyard! Whether you live in a rural, suburban, or urban setting, you and your family can bring beauty and sustainability to your home by planting a butterfly garden. Just be sure to choose the proper seasonal, native plants for your butterfly garden to ensure the healthiest environment possible for our butterfly friends.

Our team of trained horticulture specialists would be happy to help you install a butterfly garden of your own. Contact us at 410-766-2212 ext. 432 or email Nathan Ullrich at nullrich@providencecenter.com for a free consultation today!

Rain Garden Services in Anne Arundel County

In urban and suburban settings, runoff pollution is a big problem. When it rains, pollutants and contaminants can run into waterways, create mosquito breeding grounds, and increase the potential for home flooding. However, by planting a rain garden in your yard, you can help prevent these dangers while adding beauty to your surroundings. Rain gardens have the power to simultaneously conserve water and improve overall water quality, making them a great solution for environmentally-conscious homeowners.

The more rain gardens we plant, the greener and happier our Maryland home will be. In order to be the most effective, rain gardens are planted on the downward slope(s) of your property; this allows them to collect water from your lawn, roof, or driveway. Since rain gardens are primarily made up of native vegetation, they do not require fertilizer, making them a low-maintenance and healthy addition to your home. Considering the numerous benefits and inexpensive cost, why wouldn’t you want to plant one at your home?

With services from the members of Providence Center’s horticulture program, you’ll have the perfect rain garden for your yard in no time. Contact us at 410-766-2212 ext. 432 or email Nathan Ullrich at nullrich@providencecenter.com for a free consultation today!

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