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Lawn Mowing Services in Arnold, MD

Providence Center is committed to providing individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities  bountiful opportunities to grow, learn, and build a better quality of life. Our lawn care program provides vocational training to the men and women we support and can offer you comprehensive lawn care services to meet your every landscaping need year-round!

Services provided by Providence Center create an exceptional opportunity for us, the people we support, and our community here in Anne Arundel County. Providing lawn care services allows our lawn care team members to grow and establish themselves with useful vocational skills, as well as having meaningful interactions with their nearby neighbors. Taking part in community employment also helps them gain independence and find a greater purpose within our community as a whole.

Lawn Mowing Services in Arnold, MD

Lawn Mowing Services in Anne Arundel County

Routine mowing—whether needed bi-weekly, weekly, or even just once a month—is important for keeping your landscape looking its best. Using the services from Providence Center’s lawn care team will provide the complete lawn mowing you need while supporting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Your support gives the individuals at Providence Center the tools they need to build the skills necessary for a more independent life in our community. Above all else, our lawn care team takes pride in a job well done and never stops smiling!

We offer lawn care services to both private residences and commercial businesses throughout Anne Arundel County and the surrounding areas. If you need lawn care and want to help support the diverse group of people in our community, contact us today by calling (410) 766-2212 ext. 432 or emailing nullrich@providencecenter.com!

Weekly Cutting & Edging Rates for Lawn Care Services in Arnold, MD

The cost of our lawn mowing services are based on overall yard square footage and may be subject to change depending on unique landscape layouts (such as hardscapes or troublesome slopes):

  • 5,000 square feet and under: $40.00
  • 5,000 – 7,000 square feet: $45.00
  • 7,000 – 9,000 square feet: $60.00
  • 9,000 square feet – 1 acre:  $75.00

If you are unsure of your square footage or would like more extensive information about pricing for your yard,  contact us to schedule your free estimate today!

To learn more about our lawn mowing services or any of our other lawn care services, contact Nathan Ulrich at Providence Center today! You can reach him by calling (410) 766-2212 ext. 432 or emailing nullrich@providencecenter.com. We would be happy to help meet your landscaping needs!

Thank You for Supporting Our Lawn Care Program

Through Providence Center’s lawn care program, adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities are strengthening practical skills, gaining  financial independence with every paycheck, and shaping the goals for their futures. Offering lawn care services also gives these men and women a chance to serve the community and find personal fulfillment through their work. We are proud of our lawn care team and the services they offer—and we are sure you will be, too. Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm!

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