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Art Institute

The Providence Center's Art Institute, located at our Cloverleaf Center in Millersville, is where artists are born and nurtured. This program provides a creative outlet for our individuals with developmental disabilities that helps them explore their artistic side.

Providence Art Institute was founded in 1991. Its mission is to provide professional, comprehensive, and integrated instruction in the visual and performing arts. Emphasis is placed on the special needs of artists with disabilities.

With four Sessions (Winter/Spring, two Summer workshops and Fall/Winter), individuals learn a variety of artistic mediums. Dance classes teach limbo, waltz, and even hip hop. Painting instruction is offered on color mixing, masking and paint application using watercolors and acrylics. Print making methods are taught using monoprints and corrugated cardboard printing. And music therapy with drum circles and chorus round out the offerings at Providence Center's Art Institute.

Art Institute participants exhibit their work every year at places such as Maryland Hall and Circle Gallery in Annapolis and work with other programs and studios to showcase each artist's work.

Field trips to art museums and galleries are another feature of this exciting program in addition to a visiting artist program where contemporary artists demonstrate their methods to participants.

Instructors act as a catalyst for the participant's creativity offering materials and a loose framework in which to operate. The results speak for themselves showing a joyful celebration of color and a fresh engagement with both traditional and non traditional forms of artistic expression. We also collaborated with Make Studio, a studio art program in Baltimore, MD that provides work space and other supports for emerging artists with disabilities, for a Fall 2011 exhibition of Providence Center's artists' works.

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