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Earning a living is one of the most important ways people gain independence. A paycheck allows you to pay bills, purchase things that you need, pay taxes, and even save money for the future. With money earned, individuals can then make important decisions about the direction of their lives. At Providence Center, we believe in employment first—that employment should be the first option to consider when defining one’s life goals. The prevailing mission of Providence Center is to provide our individuals with mentoring and the tools they need to become as independent as possible to be active, contributing members of our communities. Through person-centered planning, every individual at Providence Center is given the opportunity to chart their own path and be empowered to design their futures.

Our supported employment team of community mentors seeks to have our individuals competitively employed in the community. They work to provide our individuals with valuable community experiences and jobs where they earn their own money and, subsequently, greater independence.

Matching each person according to their strengths and abilities with employment opportunities ensures that our individuals are able to accomplish what they want for their futures. Life and workplace skills are taught by a caring, professional staff that works to ensure Providence Center individuals are qualified employees.

Our employees can make a big impact at your business. To learn more about hiring our individuals, contact Rosemary Elger, Director of Self-Advocacy at or at (443) 848-2757.

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