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Seasonal Fall Plants from Providence Center’s Greenhouses & Gardens

This fall, decorate your landscape with seasonal plants and flowers from Providence Center’s horticulture program!

In doing so, you’ll not only make your home even more beautiful for the fall season, but you’ll also help support people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Perennial Plants for Fall in Maryland

As many Maryland homeowners know, fall is a great time to enhance your landscape by adding plants. Due to the cooler temperatures and rainfall that autumn brings, your plants are given time to strengthen their roots and adapt to your garden. Buying local plants—in addition to helping your local community—also limits the potential of pest contamination from plants in other states. Providence Center also specializes in native plants that are natural to the ecosystem and aren’t invasive like some plant species.

Here are some perennials that thrive during the fall season in Maryland:

  • Anemone – Anemone come in a wide variety of bright colors. In addition to their beauty, they offer versatility; they can tolerate shade or full sun, and they are resistant to pest damage.
  • Asters – Similar to chrysanthemums, asters thrive in full sun and are available in many colors.
  • Coneflower – Echinacea (or coneflowers), though typically considered a summer flower, bloom into the fall as well.
  • Coral bells – Heuchera (or coral bells) are a dependable choice for the fall due to their expansive range of colors, tolerance of dry soil, and ability to survive in full shade or partial sun.
  • Mums – With endless color options and full blooms, chrysanthemums are a fall favorite for many homeowners. To help your mums last even longer in the future, plant them in the spring so that they have time to establish their roots.
  • Ornamental grasses – Ornamental grasses are a visually interesting choice for any landscape, regardless of season. They thrive in full sun but can even tolerate wet areas, making them a versatile and dependable staple.
  • Sedum – Sedum flowers can span anywhere between a soft blush pink and a vibrant reddish magenta. They are also able to tolerate periods with little rain, helping them last throughout the unpredictable fall weather.
  • Yarrow – Achillea (or yarrow) are a favorite of pollinators, making them perfect for a butterfly garden.

The availability and sizes of our plants vary according to species and season, so feel free to call Nathan Ullrich at (410) 766-2212 ext. 432 or email nullrich@providencecenter.com to find out if we have exactly what you’re looking for!

Visit Providence Center’s Greenhouses & Gardens in Arnold, MD

To find the seasonal plants that will complement your home perfectly this fall, visit our nursery in Arnold, MD! We offer both retail and wholesale plants for homes and businesses throughout the Anne Arundel County region and beyond.

We believe that people with disabilities can and should have the contributing roles they want within their communities. Every plant purchase and landscaping order supports people to learn, grow, and build full lives. To become a part of our mission, learn more about volunteer opportunities and giving opportunities at Providence Center. Thank you for your continued support!

Please consider supporting people and families who count on Providence Center. For more information or to place your seasonal plant order, contact Nathan Ullrich in our Horticulture Department by calling (410) 766-2212 ext. 432 or emailing nullrich@providencecenter.com today!

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