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Providence Center Annual Report 2019

Dear Friends,

Thank you for being a member of the Providence Center family and for your generosity and partnership this past year.

Fifty-nine years ago, Providence Center opened its doors to children with disabilities to provide opportunities to learn and grow and to offer respite for families. Today, nearly 400 men and women are learning, growing and building the lives they want in communities across Anne Arundel County with the support of Providence Center.

Our work is ever changing. It is shaped around the needs and interests of every person we support. It is strengthened by each person’s voice, presence and contributions.

We believe that community is meant for everyone and that belief is what steers the work we do. People are discovering first-hand what their community has to offer and what they have to offer their community. They are enjoying activities that mean something to them. They are working, volunteering, contributing to their communities, and reaching the goals they want to achieve.

As staff and board members, we continue to raise the expectations for ourselves and for the people we support and we learn and grow with every supportive relationship we develop, with every new thing that we try, and with every goal that is achieved.

What remains constant is our commitment to our mission – to doing the very best we can each and every day to support people to live their best possible lives.

Thank you for your commitment to us! We hope you enjoy reading this report and know that the stories that follow are possible with your support.

Read our 2019 Annual Report Here!





Karen Adams-Gilchrist                                   Cathy Larner-Beckett
President and CEO                                         Chair, Board of Directors

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